Music + Codex + 6 Degrees of Separation + Links = The MusiCodex = A Very Small Music World

  To be clear, this is not another "social network". It is a simple means to create complex systems of followable trails to musicians (or anybody, as long as one's subject is music). These trails are linked together into a closed system which mimics the small world/six degrees phenomenon, meaning that within a very limited number of clicks, anybody anywhere on earth can potentially reach anybody else. Hence the music world is truly, for the first time since mankind began making music over 50,000 years ago, open.

To see how things work you can start with me (Sparrow Roberts) if you like, and move on via musical pathways I've created (STEP FORWARDs) to people I personally recommend. But you can just as easily start with anybody below, or anybody you know who's in the codex (search box upper-right). Join us!