Who's behind the MusiCodex? And who cares anyway?

  • No Musician is an Island

    Lady Gaga and Jay-Z are stars. Everybody sees them (whether they want to or not). But most musicians are islands. Sometimes the islands are big (lots of people know about them, but not everybody), and sometimes they are very small (the group Samba Chula de São Braz for example, a primordial samba group located in a village in Brazil, founded as a quilombo, a refuge of runaway slaves).


    The modus operandi of the MusiCodex is to connect the islands. With this, there's a way for you to find brilliant Brazilian musicians you would never otherwise have found. There's a way for me to find brilliant musicians wherever you happen to live.


    There's a way for musicians in Brazil to be found from Berlin, for musicians in New Orleans to be found from Tokyo. The music world is opened up in a way it never was before.


    Who cares? I do. I'm an American living in Brazil...from where it's painfully obvious that what seems free, open and universal...is actually for the most part clammed up, closed off and parochial. Or has been till now anyway...

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