What is the point of this music codex? All human beings are an average of six steps away from one another. We use this fact to open up the music universe as it's never been opened since mankind first started to make music over 50,000 years ago.

Musicians put themselves into the codex, including music (should they wish), video clips, bios and history, links to websites, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Spotify, etc. etc. etc.

Then they link (should they wish) to OTHER musicians they think are great. If you're on the page of a musician you think is cool (by your own criteria), you might want to see who THEY think is cool. And who THEY think is cool, and who...

Not only musicians can recommend and be recommended...anybody who cares about music can participate.

So we have a system which grows organically, wherein within a few clicks anybody (in the system) can be found, led to by recommendations that anybody anywhere in the world can follow (should they wish). Within this world the unconnected musical genius in the middle-of-nowhere is as potentially findable as the latest Billboard chart topper, and the artist fabulously famous in one (or some) place(s) has the means to be discovered in others where their light perhaps hasn't shone so brightly.

Bottom line: It's a brave new music world, and we can all be part of it!

Some Recently Codexed...